Monday, May 31, 2010

DFW Chinatown entry feature

Noticed this entry feature going up last week when I was on a crime watch patrol. DFW Chinatown is a commercial property and so not on our patrol route, but I saw the equipment from Apollo.

Haven't been back by to see what it looks like now.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

kudos to RPL Director

Earlier this year RPL Director Mr. Benson bravely waded into the blog comment world, and provided interesting and valuable input.

I want to point out that that there were also results, not just talk. Here was his response to one particular suggestion in the commments:

Call numbers for My Lists? I know it's possible because I've seen it done on other Horizon systems and I've asked for the change before. I'll ask again and push harder.

As the screenshot shows, Mr. Benson made good on his word. COR needs more high profile folks that listen, think critically, and take action where warranted.

So here's a public pat on the back for our library director.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dissent, physical threats, and city government

This is an interesting situation in Plano.

If the guy really did make a physical threat then he got what he deserved. This is a practical reminder to keep arguments civil and reasonable. More light than heat.

If the guy did not make a physical threat then the city is misusing the legal system to stifle resident dissent. Question: are there citizens that COR leadership would prefer to keep at a 500' distance for whatever reason? While answering this question for yourself you may want to think back on COR hiring an expensive new PR flack to deal with blog posts.

I found this piece interesting:

It also bars Lagos from going near Plano Mayor Phil Dyer and City Manager Tom Muehlenbeck. The order excludes public events, such as City Council meetings, in which Dyer and Muehlenbeck are acting in their official capacities.

I think interaction with public officials about city matters should be handled in public, official events. This helps keep the interaction official (literally related to the public office) rather than personal. It may also assist transparency as it will have a greater chance of being recorded/transcribed.

My preference for this approach is why it bothers me when officials want to take a citizen's concerns to a private venue: phone, meeting, email. It's public business and needs to be handled in public. No drama, no he said / she said, and much less opportunity for misunderstanding.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Remember: HOAs are evil

To quote Mike Myers: "E-ville. As in froo-its of the deh-ville."

Seriously. Do NOT get involved with control freak organizations, particularly ones that can charge you money and take your house. Run, do not walk.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bond vote results

I am ok with the voting results. Link

The Yes win was narrow enough that I hope the council/manager will be more aware of their responsibilities toward all residents and to their official duties. I hope we get a leaner, more fiscally responsible city govt. I hope for more transparency.

I hope that neighbors continue the broader discussion and bloggers keep writing about their home city.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"100% of these projects were requested by you..."

Received a postcard from Neighborhoods for Richardson today; I assume everyone else did, too.

"100% of these projects were requested by you, , the residents of Richardson.
Your city leadership listened."

Uh, no. Some of the more vocal residents screamed for pet projects the same way baby birds scream for worms.

Doesn't anyone remember the quote about how the council didn't want a bond package now and had to be strongarmed by Tex?

"Invest wisely". Indeed. I already cast my vote.