Thursday, November 18, 2010

RC: "Misconceptions of the Past"

In the RC editorial "Richardson's Restaurant Scene, A Whole New (and tasty!) Experience," they say:

It is time to rethink any misconceptions of the past, and rejoice in the gastronomic diversity that is now available in Richardson.

I don't get it. What were the former misconceptions? Has Richardson historically been some kind of culinary laughingstock and I didn't know it?

I know the String Bean moved, but can we really call it a "new restaurant that [has] opened recently"? I mean, it'd been next to the patio furniture place just across the Dallas border since fire was invented.

BTW, it's palate not pallet.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks, vets!

My heartfelt thanks to our former and current servicemembers.

I will think of you today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

@DallasISDblog disappeared

It wasn't deeply involving, but I did read their Twitter posts. Wonder where/why they went.

Not found in the Wayback Machine, either.

Monday, November 8, 2010

RPD manhunt for robber, Buckingham/Audelia

Happening at the time of this post. DPD Helo (Air One) and DPD ground officers are assisting.

[update @21:23 - the robbery appears to have been a carjacking. Sounds like the scene is winding down.]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ALDI review: beef jerky

Ok. Today's smackdown is beef jerky.

Jack Links vs Kroger vs ALDI Simms

Jack Links: $5 for 3.25oz (on sale for $3.99 that day). Uninspiring, almost wet.
Kroger: $2.99 for 3.25oz (on sale for $2.49 that day). I've had it, but don't remember much about it. Most house brand (and 2nd tier national) jerky isn't particularly good.
Simms: $2.99 $2.95 for 3.25oz. Decent for non-premium jerky.

Recommendation: make your own danged jerky. It's cheaper, more fun, and much better than storebought. Plus your house will smell like heaven for a couple of days. I like a good dusting of cracked pepper over jerky as it dries. Woo hoo! I've made jerky for a couple of decades and AB's recipe to be a great starting point. I suggest skipping his selfconsciously geeky box fan recommendation and use your dehydrator as the Good Lord intended.

Of course, if you are on a road trip it is mandatory to stop on the side of the highway to buy jerky from any smokehouse you might see. Bring all your money, as it will not be cheap.

{updated to correct Simms price; read the receipt wrong. D'oh}

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Props to Carona for his [e]mailer

Disclosure: I have no love for John Carona (for several reasons, including his foundational role in the "HOA foreclosure for fines"-obsessed CAI). But his Nov 1 emailer contained useful information and was even borderline interesting. I think this may the first mailer I've ever received from a politician that seemed to have content for the citizens' benefit and not exclusively the politician's. I will assume that it was timed to remind His Base to vote but it was done subtly enough that I raise my coffee cup in his general direction. Well done, sir. Give that staffer a day off or something.

If there is a bright spot in the usual self-serving pol emails, it's that they are at least not franking snailmail postage at our expense.

Monday, November 1, 2010

ALDI's review series

Since ALDI is cheap but relies heavily on unfamiliar house brands, I'm going to start a series of reviews about ALDI food items. Before we start the beginner must know a few things:

  1. bring your own bag for the loot. Yes, there are bags but you have to pay for them. Besides, not bringing your own bag is the Mark Of Cain which indicates you hate whales, koalas, endangered creek snails, etc.
  2. bring a hard quarter if you want a cart. You have to use a deposit to get the cart. I just carry my stuff.
  3. Cash and debit only. Seriously.

So here's the first reviews. Where possible I will compare national brand vs. common store brand vs. ALDI store brand.

Kool-Aid vs Wyler's vs ALDI Mixade

Kool-aid: ~$0.25 each ($3 for 12; see below). The standard from your childhood.
Wyler's: ~$0.20 each ($2.40 for 12; see below). Fewer flavors, but I don't veer far from the norm in most cases (sharkleberry excepted). Another exception: Wyler's black cherry is beautifully colored while Kool-aid's BC is plain red. Weird. 25% savings compared to Kool-aid.
Mixade: ~$0.89 for a package of 12. The packs I got were:
  • 3x berry punch (blue)
  • 1x grape
  • 2x lemon-lime
  • 2x strawberry
  • 3x cherry
  • 1x fruit punch (blech, I hate fruit punch)
If you liked all the flavors this would be a 70% savings compared to Kool-aid. Since I hate fruit punch and would not have bought that packet that makes it only a 68% savings.

Verdict: ALDI Mixade for the win.

I'll do saltine crackers next. Please try to control your excitement.

ALDI Richardson, TX
1549 E. Beltline Road
Richardson, TX 75081

Business hours
Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 7pm