Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a weekend

  • bottled 5 gallons: Bitter Ike batch[22].
  • brewed 5 gallons: Farmer's Daughter farmhouse, batch[24], pitched using a yeast batch I pulled off culture[7].
  • mowed
  • weed eated (is that a word?)
  • poured and sterilzed some new blank slants
  • Did my Region10 teaching homework
  • made 5 gallons of root beer
  • made 5 slants each by harvesting from culture[4] and culture[7].
Tired, but feeling like I accomplished a lot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

On the teaching job hunt

The next steps in the teaching road happen simultaneously:

1. do the certification coursework (starts next week)
2. get a job teaching Social Studies in a public/private/charter school as an intern on a probabational certificate.

At the end of the year of teaching (and completion of coursework) both entities sign off on the cert request, asking the state to issue the regular certificate.

Thus begins the next stage of my life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

batch[22] Bitter Ike

Found a box of English Bitter kit and brewed it up today in the cool, breezy aftermath of Ike.

We got 1.5" in our back yard and only a few dead branches (thumb-sized) fell out of the trees. All in all, a good outcome.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More bottling

I bottled 10 gallons yesterday; 5gal of batch[20] Wall-e Weizen (named because I brewed it the day we say that movie), and 5gal of batch[21] Trainwreck MMA mild ale.

I tasted one of the bottles from bach[18] Farmhouse and it was rustic, rough (in a good way, as in "not refined") and satisfying.

I also am moving to .5L bottles. I scavenged a few hundred .5L german bottles that should be enough to keep 5-6 batches in rotation.

And I got word that my teaching accreditation application was finally accepted. I have an orientation in a couple of weeks. Will post more on that later.

Kel's (Richardson) breakfast review

The original Kel's is on Preston/Forest, and is known for good food, modest environment, and moneyed North Dallas folks slumming with the normals.

Kel's in Richardson is just as good. Good food, appropriate portions, excellent service, and friendly environment.

Check it out.

800 N. Coit Rd
972.238.KELS (5357)