Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dallas high crime areas that feed RISD

We have our own problems, but we import a significant amount from Dallas.  Car thefts that are nav-tracked south down US75, robbery and burglary suspects whose NCIS info comes back to Dallas, and public school disruption from kids bringing "rough neighborhood" culture to our school district.

This year's list of areas of Dallas where one is most likely to be a victim of crime, according to the DMN:

2. Forest/Audelia (north of LBJ - feeds into Richardson ISD)
10. Greenville/LBJ (both sides of LBJ - feeds into Richardson ISD)
13. Royal/Skillman (south of LBJ - feeds into Richardson ISD)
21. Walnut Hill/Jupiter (northeast Dallas, inside LBJ, part feeds into Richardson ISD)
23. Maham/Spring Valley (outside LBJ, feeds into Richardson ISD)

Sources:  DMN article, RISD info from this thread.

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